Timeline of Success

Success was always a point of discussion among every groups ever lived on this planet.

What is success? 

How to get successful?

Do i need to get it?

I am wasting my life to get something but i am already so fine!

Much money does not mean success.

Close your eyes and you truely are successful.

All this question pops up in our mind frequently and sometimes we get some answers too. But most of time we find success is what which someone else is holding or realising its a myth or above all some goo foo things like happiness or peace is ultimate success.

Let me take some optimistic way and try to have opinion in some other way around.

Most of the people think the human today are most successful today most luxury very less wors has to do

But reality is work is many folds increase.



The most amazing feeling which mankind had ever experience is love. Why amazing because it is the feeling which cannot be explained, the more you love harder to explain what exactly are you feeling. But i take the optimistic approach and tried to explain it in different level of existence.

1. Body:
At this level love has the least effect, body starts secreting sexual hormones which has less effect on body but on our mood, emotions and other hormonal related things to our body.
Dopamine is the brain’s pleasure chemical. When we fall in love, dopamine is released, making couples feel elated and energetic about each other.
“That someone takes on special meaning to you and you focus on this individual because the dopamine system has been activated”.

Oxytocin is a chemical that calms and bonds couples together by promoting intimacy.
“It is what hugging, kissing and touching are made of”.
Oxytocin levels also rise in new moms, promoting milk production and bonding with babies. 

Testosterone hormone releases more in deep love especially during sex, it helps stoke the fire in both sexes. 
“It is just one of the many pieces for romantic love”.
when people lock lips, the transfer of this hormone could increase sexual desire in a partner.

Another possible hormone is norepinephrine.
This stress hormone increases the heart rate, and may be the reason you feel hot and flustered when that special person notices you. 
It is responsible for that butterflies-in-stomach sensation. “It can cause that awkward feeling, Sweaty palms, dry mouth, fumbling words.”

Pheromones, which are chemical messengers, play a part in human sexual attraction. Over nose.
“Once you fall for someone, their smell can be a powerful thing”.

2. Breath
When we are in deep love, the breath follows a specific pattern  at some instance, mostly the breaths are so heavy that we take it by mouth.

People says that serotonin is the factor behind it.

But the breathing pattern which breath follows is unique and normally lowers our all body function, but gives the ultimate feeling of pleasure. This also not highly affected but in turn affect our body and mind as it is the only link between them.

3. Mind
Usually all the time our mind runs in past and future. Which floods  so many thoughts in brain and causes headache, in sever cases mental illness.
During sensation and feeling of deep and true love, mind settles at present  and enjoy the moment. Which causes the release of thoughts and stress. So love has great effect over mind.

Feelings of love can lead you a happier mood and  mind focuses towards your lover, which can be channelised to some other productive activities too.

Mind called as small as neutron or proton or even more and as big as universe, it is the fastest thing and travels many times faster then light. And love i also that much subtle as mind so it made harmony with it.

In love mind settles lead to success in life.

4. Intellect
This is the decision taking power of humans. The most common reason for wrong decisions in life is anger, anxiety and improper use of brain. When we are fresh and happy we take good decisions. Sometimes it is said that decision with heart are always correct.

In love our intellect activated many times better than normal routines due to release of many hormones, also brain start forming structure fastly. The feeling of love trigger the brain to work many times better so lead to great life.

In many studies it has been found that the people having higher IQ have high sex drives and chooses less number of partner to do so, normally one after marriage.

5. Memory
Our brain has autonomous function to manage memory. It is said that we save each and every act happening around in memory. But it feels weaker after a age in life due large collection of data and improper management of it.

So many studies reveals that feeling of love triggers every section of brain to utilise  the space to organise the memory in better way. And people in deep love remembers each and every instance they encountered in their lives.

Many students also says that they have passionate love with books and knowledge, so they can retain everything in love.
So the effect of love at this level can be felt easily

6. Ego
This is the most misunderstood term in behaviour, ego is the ability of person to express his identity. For many reasons  it creates indifference between people and fills superiority in oneself.

But when we are in deep love this is most affected feeling and can be felt anytime. That your ego get lowered in front of your partner, no matter you are a president of country or a richest person, in front of your love it always feels to be surrendered.
And the feeling of this egolessness gives the ultimate joy in life.

7. Soul or Self
It is something which is undescribable in solid terms but it is the first foremost  feeling in love. Self is the ultimate I, because the body is mine but i am not the body, breath is mine but i am not that, mind is mine but i am not mind. It is similar to that “this is my car, but i am not car”.

So when somebody feels deep love, it first touches its soul then other things happens. Soul is said not only bounded to ones body so it can attach to your soulmate easily than body and gives you the ultimate feeling of contentment in life.
The purity of self identifies the others and give clues to body to accept it irrespective of other person. As sometime we have seen a great mismatch in physicality of couples in their heights, colour and shapes too. Mismatch in living status rich and poor,  mismatch in religion, mismatch in thinking and intelligence etc. But though they great bonding and infinite love for each other. Because they are connected by self.

love is the powerful source of energy and reason to live, find love in your life and start living with it, you will surprise to see how life becomes so meaningful and will feel u pleasure in living for other.

Have a lovely life


Entertainment is a creativity and art by which flow of time seems to be smooth and careless. It is always be an activity of present, rejoicing memories of it or any cannot be called as entertainment. Entertainment can always be related positivity entertainment emerging from negativity is only revenge or anger. Few people think that teasing other and killing or harming them is somewhere entertainment for them, but not its just their some anger or bad impression of past which lead them to act like that. It sometimes could be disorder in their body or mostly cycology which harms.

Entertainment comes out from fullness/completeness of ones activity. One dedicate his all creativity to entertain, So greater creativity leads to increase in entertainment also one another parameter to dedicate create entertainment is dedication you work dedicately one activity and results are profound third and most important parameter to decide for entertainment is perfectness the more accurately the task is perform the results comes in that ways.

There are many examples we come across of entertainment in day to day life the most common medium of entertainment is television and internet, so cine-stars and actors seems to be the most commonly known entertainers of our lavishing society they always try to show the creativity of acting generating scenes to entertain people but apart of them there are so many other entertainers are there like receptionist of hotel, waiters at restaurant private assistant because they always use their skill to entertain their client the more you can use above three attributes the more you can entertain people.

So success in ones’s job is somewhere lies in entertainment and to be good entertainer is artistic skill which we are trying to achieve in our lives. so keep entertaining in your life.


Right pressure at right time and right point creates NEWS. Pressure of necessities, feelings, mind and health but more accordingly these all are internal pressures of Tedy. External pressures are surely more keen and accountable for news.

lets try some external factors.

Employment indeed………

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Out of the box thinking for jobs are necessarily needed in the market, but this rule imposing differently to a certain class of a society. For them going out of the box is baring traditions opposing their family falling down in there own eyes.

So is it really the out of box for them to live a life with higher standards.

Watch out next report what our politician says…….

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